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December 2019
Signing BPN land transfer document for LSO Caridea Indo 7 AquaVillage PMA company

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October 2019
Saudi Agriculture Exhibition 2019 Ambassador of Singapore to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia HE Wong Chow Ming visiting LSO at Saudi Aquaculture 2019.
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The main aim of setting up this organization is to provide services and experiences to developing countries on providing social and economical solution to their society by providing them relevant solution in their economical and social needs. Integrated shrimp or fish farming is the solution to many countries.

Lim Shrimp Organization has been in recent years evolved once again more into a Social Enterprise Developer rather then just an Aquaculture company. Aquaculture is merely an instrument that help create livelihood for the poor. Eradicating poverty by providing them skills, an opportunity to own and operate their own farm, and later managing to pay back the loan and eventually owning the farm outright. Lim Shrimp Organization has been developing various species for culturing in recent years like Polychaete, Escargot, Crab, Nautilus, various kind of fishes, sea cucumber, lobster, and shrimp.

The core committee members are comprise some of the original TEAM that single handedly plan, execute and manage the world worldĄŻs largest integrated shrimp farm.

The motto of the organization is to turn poverty ridden countryman and its fisherman into aquapreneurs?who would be taught how to culture economically viable shrimps, fish, and any other species with a real possibility to own their own farm and land.

Our organization has evolved from an Aquaculture organization into a non-government linked LIVELIHOOD PROGRAM DEVELOPER which uses Aquaculture as the instrument to create Livelihood.


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