T.K. LIM (Honorary Chairman)
  Djames Lim (CEO)
  Mr. Peter Fleming (CFO)
  Julius P. Sarria (Aquaculture Project/Planning Expert)
  Mr. Eric Kang
  Mr. Wayne Ho
T.K. LIM (Life Honorary Chairman)

T.K. is the co-founder of the World largest Integrated Shrimp Farm .

TK is a graduated from Nanyang University of Singapore and a student of Birmingham University of England MBA Program.

TK holds many directorship in public listed companies in Malaysia and Singapore previously.

TK started shrimp farming as early as in 1980' with its first shrimp farm located in Putian, China. Followed by several shrimp farm and hatchery in Mid-80' in Malaysia (Port Dickson, Langkawi, Johor, and Sepang). In Malaysia he partnered YTL Corp' Tan Sri Francis Yeoh.

TK was the brainchild of WorldĄŻs largest integrated shrimp farm, which at that time was just a swamp inhibited by any people. Today it is a city with at least 300,000 people depending on shrimp as a living.

Late 90' he started on a high technology, close system shrimp farm and hatchery in the Island of Hainan, China. Today this farm is well known for its chemical free, virus free shrimp and shrimp fries.

Now in the mid-2000', he is again embarking in an Indoor Shrimp Farm in JiangSu Province, China just 90km North of Shanghai City. This project is 6,660,000 sq meters in size.

He constantly updates himself on the latest development and technologies and also has constant interaction with Professors, Scientist and Aquaculturist worldwide.

TK is ever ready to share his experience and discuss with anyone interested in Shrimp culture and exchange tips.

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