T.K. LIM (Honorary Chairman)
  Djames Lim (CEO)
  Mr. Peter Fleming (CFO)
  Julius P. Sarria (Aquaculture Project/Planning Expert)
  Mr. Eric Kang
  Mr. Wayne Ho
Julius P. Sarria (Aquaculture Project/Planning Expert)

25 years of experience in aquaculture production and project management 

15 years of experience in planning, development and operation of integrated 
aquaculture projects, 
13 years of experience in managing very large-scale fully integrated aquaculture 
Excellent communication and computer skills 

- Bachelor of Science in Inland Fisheries 1972-1977 
- University of the Philippines in Iloilo 
- College of Fisheries 
- Master of Science in Aquaculture 1980 
- University of the Philippines/SEAFDEC 


Aquaculture Consultant March to July 2006 
Golden Shrimp Co. Ltd 
Al Rashid Group 
Riyadh, KSA 

Served as head and main expert of the company抯 project development team. Completed  project design for 1,800 hectare shrimp farm, 2 hatchery units at total capacity of 28 million fry per run, and a 22-ton per day shrimp processing plant. This project is located in Jizan (Southern Red Sea coast) and designed to produce P. indicus. 

General Manager, Planning and Development July 1999 to July 2004 
PT. Wachyuni Mandira 
South Sumatra, Indonesia 

Served as head of company抯 planning and development group as well as its engineering divisions. Managed some 2,200 personnel, 350 units of heavy equipment, a 90 megawatt diesel power plant, a workshop/docking facility servicing over 100 units of cargo boats and barges and over 300 light watercraft and an electrical distribution network covering 160 square kilometers. Was also head of the company抯 new venture species and areas. Company was the world抯 largest fully- integrated shrimp farming and processing business producing P. monodon and L. vannamei for export. 

Senior Manager, Corporate Resources Mar 1997 to July 1999 
PT. Wachyuni Mandira 
Sumatra Selatan, Indonesia 

Served as head of company抯 planning and corporate resources divisions. Also served as head of project development and construction of a total of 8,600 ponds with a net hectarage of 3,800 hectares. 

Project Manager Jan 1996 to Feb 1997 
PT. Wachyuni Mandira 
Lampung Utara, Indonesia 

Served as head of planning and start-up of WORLD’S LARGEST INTEGRATED SHRIMP FARM' sister project (PT. Wachyuni Mandira) in South Sumatra which was planned to cover some 170,000 hectares. Company was a fully integrated shrimp farming and processing business producing P. monodon and L. vannamei for export. Headed the design and construction of thousands of shrimp ponds, a 90 megawatt power plant, construction of several pump stations, main water 
gates, domestic water systems and other support infrastructure as well as hundreds of housing and office units. Expanded the company from only 5 to over 6,000 personnel. 

Production Manager Jan 1992 to Dec 1995 
Lampung Utara, Indonesia 

Served as technical manager for 1,200 units of production ponds; provided technical advice to production staff and farmers; administered some 50 field staff and 600 farmers; served as lead person for the company抯 expansion programs. 

General Management Advisor July 1989 to Dec 1991 
PT. Hasfarm Inti Perikanan 
Bengkulu, Indonesia 

Designed, constructed and later served as company head of a semi-integrated shrimp project based on a 120-hectare area in Bengkulu, Indonesia; project included intensive farming, processing plant (4 ton per day capacity) and export marketing. Company 
produced P. monodon and P. indicus. 

Asst. Vice President for Technical Services 1987 to 1989 
Inland Resources Development Corporation 
Intramuros, Manila 

Served as head of the company抯 consultancy services; was main aquaculture expert; was lead person in the following major projects: 

Celestial Farms Inc./Mitsui Norin Marine Products Development Co. Ltd. Shrimp Project Feasibility Study of a 500 ha. fully integrated shrimp project in Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines 

DANIDA - NEDA Feasibility Study of Cold Storage Facilities for Negros Occidental, Philippines 

Al-Balla Enterprises, Intensive Shrimp Farming Project 
Al Laith, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
Was lead person for many other feasibility studies for various small and medium scale aquaculture projects in different areas of the Philippines. 

Consultant/Technical Adviser 1986 to 1989 
Was technical and management adviser to the following intensive shrimp farming companies: 
- Menchaca Integrated Agricultural Corp. 
- Calatrava, Negros Occidental, Philippines 
- Ma. Victoria Farms, Corp. 
- Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines 
- Viveros San Jose, Corp. 
- San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines 
- Operations Manager/Director 1984 to 1987 
- Tayabas Bay Aquaculture Corporation 
- Greenhills, Metro Manila, Philippines 

Administered day-to-day operational activities of the company抯 shrimp, grouper and green mussel projects. Pioneered the use of rafts for commercial production of green mussels. Was successful in producing 64 tons of mussels from a 64-square meter raft. 

Researcher 1982 to 1984 
Southeast Asian Center for Research and Graduate Study in Agriculture (SEARCA), Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines 
Identified, planned and implemented research programs related to aquaculture-based farming systems. Served as the Center抯 main aquaculture resource person. Also formulated and implemented training programs on aquaculture. 

Subject Matter Specialist 1981 to 1982 
Southeast Asian Center for Research and Graduate Study 
in Agriculture (SEARCA), Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines 

Organized the first ever ASEAN computer database for aquaculture and aquatic sciences at the Center抯 Agricultural Information Bank for Asia. Headed the establishment of the Philippine Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System (PASFIS). 

Lecturer/Core Faculty 1980 to 1982 
Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) 
Institute of Aquaculture 
Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines
Was lecturer on-call for various training programs conducted by the Institute. Handled topics on farm management, pond construction and soil management. 

Farm Manager 1978 to 1980 
Carles Fishing, Inc. 
Carles, Iloilo, Philippines 

Designed, developed and administered a 105-hectare shrimp and milkfish farm located in acid sulfate soils in Northern Iloilo, Philippines. 

Junior Fishery Biologist 1977 to 1978 
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources 
Government of the Philippines 
Region 6, Iloilo City, Philippines 

Surveyed and identified the coastal and inland water resources of the Province of  Antique, Philippines 


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