T.K. LIM (Honorary Chairman)
  Djames Lim (CEO)
  Mr. Peter Fleming (CFO)
  Julius P. Sarria (Aquaculture Project/Planning Expert)
  Mr. Eric Kang
  Mr. Wayne Ho

- Master of Laws (Ll.M.)
  Student Class of 2008-2009
  University of California, Berkeley  
- Admitted to the University of Michigan Law School,Master of Laws (Ll.M.) Class of   2008-2009
- 2006 Bar Exams (84.15%) 
- Bachelor of Laws (2006) 
  University of the Philippines
  11th rank (1.8363)
  Order of the Purple Feather Honor Society
- Bachelor of Arts (2001) 
  Major in Political Science
  University of the Philippines, Diliman
  Cum Laude
  4th rank (GWA: 1.54)
  Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society
  Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society
- BSilver Medalist, PAREF Southridge High School (1998) 
- Silver Medalist, PAREF Southridge Grade School (1994) 

  3rd Place, PHILIPPINE LAW JOURNAL volume 78 (2003-2004)
  Member, Soccer Team of the UP College of Law (2002-2006)
  Treasurer, Amnesty International UP Diliman Group (1999-2000)
  Member, Soccer Varsity Team, PAREF Southridge (1994-1998)

Work-related Experience
  Junior Partner, De Castro & Cagampang Law Offices (June 2008-present)
                        Reference: (senior partners) Dr. Arturo M. De Castro
                                                                          Dr. Soledad M. Cagampang-de Castro

  Associate Solicitor II, Office of the Solicitor General (June 2007 to June 2008)
                Reference: (division head) Asst. Sol. Gen. Karl B. Miranda
                                             (Harvard MPA,¡¯99)

  Volunteer Lawyer and Legal Resource Person, Batas Barangay Radio Show,   DZRH (October 2007 to present)
                              Reference: Atty. Marilyn Jamero
                                                      Atty. Ramon Barredo

  Junior Partner, De Castro & Cagampang Law Offices (May 2007-June 2007)
  Paralegal, De Castro & Cagampang Law Offices (Oct. 2006 ¨C April 2007)
                        Reference: (senior partners) Dr. Arturo M. De Castro
                                                                         Dr. Soledad M. Cagampang-de Castro

  Law Intern, Office of Legal Aid, UP College of Law (2005-2006)
                        Reference: (supervising lawyers) Atty. Marlou Ubano
                                                      Atty. Elmar Galacio

  Intern, Philnet-RDI (NGO), Institute of Human Rights Internship Program (2005)
                        Reference: Ms Annabel Vitacion

  Apprentice, Pilot Judicial Apprenticeship Program of the Supreme Court of the   Philippines (Pioneer Batch, Summer 2004)
                        Assigned to Judge Nemesio Felix (Branch 35, Makati Regional                         Trial Court), drafting 5 full-blown decisions in 2 weeks
                        Reference: Judge Nemesio Felix (ret.)
                        Atty. Richard Jamora, (Clerk of Court)

  Head of Enforcement, Bantayan Environmental Law Internship Program (2004)
                        Reference: Atty. Antonio Oposa (Harvard Ll.M., ¡¯96)

  Head, Amnesty International (AI) Campaign Against Torture Concert: ¡°ROCKIN¡¯   TORTURE AWAY¡± (2000)
                        Reference: Ms. Jessica Soto (Executive Director for AI Philippines)


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