T.K. LIM (Honorary Chairman)
  Djames Lim (CEO)
  Mr. Peter Fleming (CFO)
  Julius P. Sarria (Aquaculture Project/Planning Expert)
  Mr. Eric Kang
  Mr. Wayne Ho
Djames Lim (Executive Director)

Djames started shrimp farming also in the mid 80’s with his first stint in Malaysia after graduating from University of Miami, Florida USA. He worked as Junior Hatchery Technician and eventually worked his way to Marketing Manager of Tiger Prawn hatchery Sdn Bhd (known to be the largest Monodon Hatchery in S.E.A during the 80’s).

In the Mid 90’s Djames was understudying a famous Taiwanese Professor of Taiwan University of Oceanography on Vannamei Culture in Southern Taiwan.

Late in the 90’s he joined the World’s largest Integrated Shrimp Farm with the position of Procurement General Manager and International Marketing Director. He was also in charge of Special Projects that include the 1st person to introduce Vannamei Shrimp to the company and eventually introducing it to Indonesia. He is also the main person representing the company and liaising with all the Scientist, Technicians, and Aquaculturist all over the world. This also led him on study trips to China, Hawaii, Florida, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Kyushu Japan.

He is now in the process of negotiating deals with Government of many developing nations on its unique integrated social viable shrimp farm system. He has been kept busy with Ministers, Mayor, Congressman, and Presidents of various countries discussing the possibility of transferring what the LIM SHRIMP ORGANIZATION has known to help the country.

His current on-going projects includes 9 Hatcheries in ZhanJiang Province (Joint Venture with ZhanJiang GuoLian, the only Processing Plant in China that is not slap with Anti-Dumping Duties from USA), China; 1 Hatchery in Xiamen (Joint Venture with Comfeed Indonesia, the 3rd largest shrimp company and the largest poultry company in Indonesia), China; 1 Integrated Shrimp farm in JiangSu Province, China (Joint Venture with Poh family of the renown PTC Logistic Group in Singapore); 1 Hatchery in Philippines (Joint Venture with AA Export, the largest exporter of shrimp in Philippines with few thousand hectares of shrimp ponds; and also HocPo Feeds, the 3rd largest Feed Mill in Philippines); Consultant work for Puerto Rico Shrimp Farm USA.

Other then shrimp farming, Djames is also a Property Developer in Thailand, F&B Operator (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf franchise of Philippines) in Philippines, and a devoted Christian serving the Lord Jesus.


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