T.K. LIM (Honorary Chairman)
  Djames Lim (CEO)
  Mr. Peter Fleming (CFO)
  Julius P. Sarria (Aquaculture Project/Planning Expert)
  Mr. Eric Kang
  Mr. Wayne Ho

Dr. Prof Rokhmin Dahuri (Ex - Minister of Fishery & Maritime Indonesia) - Advisor to Lim Shrimp Organization Indonesia projects.

Mr. Jerome Heng CP 每 Project Manager of Lim Shrimp Organization. Experienced Aquaculturist and project start up.

Mr. Dennis Wu - Team Manager (Tilapia). Experience in Tilapia culture and hatchery. Worked in farm of Sri Lanka, Australia, USA, and Taiwan. Graduate of Taiwan Ocean University.

Dr. Chen Chin Long - Team Manager (Sea Bass). Special assistance team: Dong Gang & Lu Gang biotechnology center, Fisheries Research Institute, C.O.A. Taiwan.

Dr. Sammy Toti 每 Lim Shrimp Org's In-house Environmentalist.

Ms. Luzita Baccol 每 Electrical Engineer with more then 20 years experience. Lim Shrimp Organization*s electrical expert.

Ms. Marceliano Carlota 每 Lim Shrimp Organization*s Civil Engineer with more then 15 years experience. Hydro Engineer.

Mr. Jose Arnel Juan 每 Lim Shrimp Organization*s Chief Structural Engineer. He is currently also lecturing in a local University.

Mr. Garry Alviento 每 Lim Shrimp Organization*s Joint Chief Engineer.

Mr. Anthony Tomas Co 每 Lim Shrimp*s Qualified Quantity Surveyor. Cost Surveyor.

Ms. Karene Minoza 每 Civil Engineer cum Quantity Surveyor.

Mr. Guillermo Cruz 每 Electrical engineer and QS.

Dr. Shuang Chang He 每 Lim Shrimp Org*s Sea Cucumber Chief Technical Director in China.

Marine Biologist. Expert in Sea Cucumber culture and hatchery.

Ms. Jazz Macario 每 Electrical engineer and QS.

Ms. Josephine Rabino 每 Chief Quantity Surveyor of Lim Shrimp Org. Mr. Ronald Mortel 每 Mechanical Engineer and QS.

Mr. Alex Ventura 每 Civil Engineer and QS.

Mr. Jonathan Bernardino 每 Civil Engineer and QS.

Mr. R Remirez 每 Civil Engineer and Project Engineer.

Mr. Dennis Olmedo 每 Mechanical Engineer and QS.

Mr. Ru Kang Fu 每 Marine Biologist. University of Hainan. Currently Lim Shrimp Org. Chief Technical Manager in China.

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