Lien Centre presents a Social Conversation on:
A Large-Scale Socially-Oriented Enterprise: Lim Shrimp Organization

Date: Wednesday, 27 May 2009
Time: 3.30-5pm
Venue: Seminar Room 2-2, School of Information Systems, SMU (location map available here)

About Lim Shrimp Organization

Lim Shrimp Organization is the founder of the World's Largest Integrated Shrimp Farm. The company's motto is “Serving Nations and People”, and this is realised by providing aquaculture development solutions to the governments and countries they work with.

LSO projects not only meet the triple bottom line of profits, people and planet, but also provide economic prosperity for the country as a whole. Their integrated shrimp aquafarms in countries like Papua New Guinea , Philippines , Vietnam , Puerto Rico and Thailand have so far enabled over 300,000 ordinary farmers to lift themselves from poverty.

About the Project

Once an uninhabited swamp, this location in Lampung, southern Sumatra has since been transformed into the largest integrated shrimp farm in the world, measuring 30km by 140km. Funded by Bank Indonesia , with loans from World Bank and Asian Development Bank, this small town is looked after with social amenities with minimarkets, community halls, religious centres for the various faiths and sports facilities, while 32 schools and 1 hospital provide free education for some 6,000 students. Medicine is provided free at 9 clinics, staffed by volunteer doctors from around the world.

The farm features environmental best practices, with its inlet and outlet channels 30km apart, and the use of fishes and oysters which consume the excess nutrients in the water. A greenbelt of 150m of mangroves along the entire shoreline is also maintained, and the sludge at the bottom of its pond is re-purposed as fertilizer.

About our Speaker

Djames Lim

Djames Lim is the CEO of Lim Shrimp Organization. He started shrimp farming in the mid-80's in Malaysia after graduating from University of Miami , USA . He worked as Junior Hatchery Technician and eventually worked his way to Marketing Manager of Tiger Prawn hatchery Sdn Bhd (known to be the largest Monodon Hatchery in S.E.A during the 80's).

In the late 90's he joined WORLD’S LARGEST INTEGRATED SHRIMP FARM (World's largest Integrated Shrimp Farm) with the position of Procurement General Manager and International Marketing Director. Under his Special Projects portfolio, he introduced Vannamei Shrimp to the company and eventually to Indonesia as well.

He represents the company in liaisons with scientists, technicians and aqua-culturists all over the world, and is now negotiating deals with governments of several developing nations on its unique integrated social viable shrimp farm system.
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